Former Club Presidents

Football Club Sochaux-Montbéliard draws strength from its stability in its structures, its functioning and its leaders. Laurent Pernet is the ninth president of Sochaux in more than eighty years of existence.

Former Presidents:
From 1928 till 1939: Louis MAILLARD-SALIN
From 1939 till 1945: Antoine PEUGEOT
From 1945 till 1960: Gaston TURIN
From 1960 till 1974: René BOUQUET
From 1974 till 1994: Jacques THOUZERY (picture above)
From 1994 till 1999: Gilles DAGET
From 1999 till 2008: Jean-Claude PLESSIS
From 2008 till 2013: Alexandre LACOMBE
From 2013 till 2015: Laurent PERNET