Former Coaches

Since the creation of the club, FCSM's first team have always been coached by passionate men of high quality. The majority of them were also former players at FC Sochaux-Montbéliard.



Maurice Bailly
Coach from 1928 to 1929 then in 1934
Maurice Bailly is a former amateur player of Montbéliard who joined FC Sochaux at it's foundation in 1928. Player-coach for one year, he afterwards became coach of the Second team and occassionally was appointed ad-interim as head coach of the professional team.
Victor Gibson
Coach from 1929 to 1934
Victor Gibson, an Scotish who came to the continent as a player of FC Sète in the South of France. After, he became coach of Marseille. He was engaged by Jean-Pierre Peugeot to manage the "Stars" at Sochaux. He had as mission to propose beautiful football but was fired after his team didn't get the expected results.


Conrad Ross
Coach from 1934 to 1936,
then from 1936 to 1939

Conrad Ross, an Uruguayan, he arrived as a player-coach from Switserland uin 1934 and immediately booked success. In six seasons, he brought three major titles to F.C. Sochaux and also the reputation that his team played the best football in France, maybe even in Europe. He went back to Uruguay when the Second World War came close.

André Abbeglen
Coach in 1936

André Abbeglen was a very intelligent Swiss player. Het took the job as interim when Ross went as a coach to Paris. He experienced the difficulty of the job when he, as a famous player, had to manage a group.

Étienne Mattler
Coach from 1944 to 1946

Etienne Mattler was one of the key player in the prewar period. "Big Etienne" also played an important role during the war and at the revival in 1945. Not very kind and not very inspired, Mattler didn't realise the same success as he did as a player.

Paul Wartel
Coach from 1939 to1944,
from 1946 to 1952 and in 1960

Paul Wartel arrived as a player in 1929 and became, after a very seriouis injury, coach of the second team. There Ross left France in 1939 just before the war, Paul Wartel became coach of the First team. Before, during and after the war till 1952. Employee at the club in different functions, he bacame coach again just for a couple of months in 1960.

Gaby Dormois
Coach from 1952 to 1960

Gaby Dormois is without any doubts one of the biggest sport servants of Montbéliard and also a former amateur player. Dormois accepted the job with the mission to avoid relegation in 1952. He stayed for seven seasons as responable for the Jaune et Bleu in which he obtained regularly some high rankings in the league table and also a Cup final in 1959, lost to Le Havre.

Louis Dupal
Coach from 1960 to 1962

Louis Dupalarrived in 1947 as a player to help the club gain promotion to Division 1. He came back in 1960 as coach with the same mission. Unfortunately, this experienced and honest man was unable to keep the club in the highest division the year after.

Roger Hug
Coach from 1962 to 1967

Roger Hug has always been as discrete as loyal to his club where he already was active as a player in 1930. Coach of the Second team for many years, he took charge of the First team for five seasons.

Georges Vuillaume
Coach in 1967

Georges Vuillaume has occupied all kind of fonctions at the club: general secretary, masseur, judo teacher and amateur player. In 1967, he assured a job as interim coach for some months and guided the club also to the 1967 Cup final.

Dobroslav Krstic
Coach from 1967 to 1969

Dobroslav Krstic, after a beautiful career as a FCSM player he rejoined the club as head coach. Proponent of an open game and a human approach, he also inserted a modern notion of training sessions to the club. His work brought success in his first season with a honourable third position in 1968 but he failed the year after.
Paul Barret
Coach from 1969 to 1975, then in 1987

Paul Barret, like a lot of others, was a former player of FCSM who started as coach at the Second team before being in charge of the professionals. Reputated as a hard man but straight and honest to his players, he commanded for five seasons FCSM before being held responsable for the club's failure in their European Cup campaign. In 1986, he came back as interim to try to guarantee the club's position in the Division 1.
Jean Fauvergue
Coach from 1975 to 1981,
then from 1985 to 1987

Jean Fauvergue, also a former player and Second team coach who became responsable for club's best eleven in 1974. Under his command, FCSM qualified twice for "Europe" and reached the semi-finals in 1981. He left his post in 1981 and returned in 1985 for two seasons. He guided FCSM no less than 323 times in D1.
Pierre Mosca
Coach from 1982 to 1984
Pierre Mosca is a coach of the new generation. He arrived in 1981 with the task to keep the club in Division 1. In collaboration with René Hauss, he left the club after three seasons, not able to deal anymore with the situation.
Silvester Takac
Coach from 1984 to 1985,
then from 1987 to 1994

Sylvester Takac played in France for Rennes and trained in Germany and Belgium. Recruited by Hauss in 1984, he only stayed for one season, before he came back alone in 1986, to guide the club back from Division 2 to the UEFA Cup. He is the second most loyal coach who took place on the bench for the Jaune et Bleu.


Jacques Santini
Coach in 1995
Jacques Santini assured an intérim period of six months in 1995. This half year was too short to adopt his vision to the team and avoid relegation to Division 2.
Didier Notheaux
Coach from 1995 to 1996
Didier Notheaux took in charge a team just relegated in Division 2 with only one mission: to bring them back immediately. Without success.
Faruk Hadzibegic
Coach from 1996 to 1998

Faruk Hadzibegic has enjoyed a great career in the yellow and blue jersey. He returned some years later as coach and imposed his players to an iron discipline. He brought the club back to the First division in his second year and left during the season after.
Philippe Anziani
Coach from 1998 to 1999

Philippe Anziani, former player, called to rescue the team when they are in the bottom of the league table. He brought some new team spirit and integrated a lot of young talented players in the first squad. He came close to his mission to keep the team up...but relegation was unavoidable. FCSM had a difficult start back in the D2 in 1999.
Jean Fernandez
Coach from 1999 to 2002

Jean Fernandez s the man who guided the club back to the highest level. Always seen with a cap, Fernandez heritated at his arrival, in the autumn of 1999, a not so homogeneous team which was evoluating in the lower part of the second league. He needed one year to clinch the Second division title and to lead the club even to a participation in the UEFA Intertoto Cup.
Guy Lacombe
Coach 2002 to 2005

Guy Lacombe arrived at the head of a team who were just qualified for the Intertoto Cup. Under Lacombe FCSM ended twice as fifth in the league which meant two European campaigns but they also played two Coupe de la Ligue ( League Cup ) finals for the Coupe de la Ligue, lost in 2003 and won a year later. Very demanding and a perfectionist, he left after three beautiful seasons and a 10th place in his last season.

Dominique Bijotat
Coach from 2005 to 2006

Dominique Bijotat came at the club just before the start of the 2005-2006 season. After a difficult start, FCSM were obliged to battle in the relegation zone. The Jaune and Bleu stay in the Division but Bijotat leaves at the end of the excercice.
Alain Perrin
Coach from 2006 to 2007
Alain Perrin relaunched the Sochaliens in the first half of the league table by playing the club's traditional kind of game. Perrin also brought back some major silverware to the club. FCSM won the French Cup for the second time in their history, seventy years after the club's first Cup.
Frédéric Hantz
Coach in 2007
Frédéric Hantz was the successor of Alain Perrin and was himself prized for his good work at Brive and Le Mans. His atypical methods didn't work out at FCSM there the club was 19th in the league and already out of Europe when Hantz was fired in december 2007.
Jean-Luc Ruty
Coach in 2007

Former FCSM-player Jean-Luc Ruty was appointed as caretaker manager for only two league games at the end of 2007. He was responsible for the Youth Academy at the moment of his spell at the head of FCSM's first team.

Francis Gillot
Coach from 2008 to 2011

Francis Gillot, arrived in January 2008 when the club was in a difficult situation, and in direct relegation trouble. Francis Gillot saved FCSM to trop down a division. The next two seasons were also quite hard but the Sochaliens managed to secure their stay in Ligue 1 under his management. In 2010/2011 he finally could enjoy the fruit of all his labour as he guided the club to a fifth position in the league table and access to the UEFA Europa League play-offs.

Mecha Bazdarevic
Coach in 2011 to 2012

Mecha Bazdarevic had the difficult task to succeed to Francis Gillot. The former Yougoslavian and Bosnian international had a very successful spell as player of FC Sochaux-Montbéliard. His start as coach was promising with some good away results in the first matchdays of the season. But since the beginning of the month November the team didn't win anymore. Mecha Bazdarevic was fired on March 6th and replaced by Éric Hély.

Eric Hely
Coach from 2012 to 2013

Eric Hély, coach of the FCSM reserves, was appointed as first team coach in March 2012. FC Sochaux-Montbéliard were in the relegation zone by the time he took over but Eric Hély managed to keep the club in Ligue 1 after an extraordinary comeback. The season after, 2012/2013, he once again saved the club from relegation after a complicated year. A difficult start of the 2013/2014 season made him decide to resign in September 2013 after seven league games. 

Hervé Renard
Coach from 2013 to 2014

Arrived at the head of a team relegation zone after ten matchdays, the former coach of Zambia soon know his first success in Ligue 1. But this leader of men dressed then headed FCSM in a long ascent in the standings remains however Unfinished after the final lost against Evian Thonon Gaillard on the final day.

Olivier Echouafni
Coach from 2014 to 2015

Freshly relegated to Ligue 2, the FCSM appeals to the one who had completed a long playing career at OGC Nice. Olivier Echouafni, in the midst of a series of unbeaten conditions in the 2014/2015 season, puts his team on the podium in January before the Ligue 1 escapes him. The start of the following season, and six matches without success, it was finally fatal for him.

Albert Cartier
Coach from 2015 to 2017

In difficulties in Ligue 2, the FCSM calls on a seasoned technician who wants to direct his players with "an iron hand without velvet glove". The team continued on the final day of 2015/2016 and reached a semi-final of the Coupe de France. The following season, she succeeded in a first game of championship probation, accompanied by a quarter-final of Cup of the League. Everything then goes off until an anonymous thirteenth place.

Peter Zeidler
Coach from 2017 to 2018

The Francophile and French-speaking German coach aims to set up a seductive game. Despite a hole in the air in September, his team remains a long time in the race for the climb and succeeds in a beautiful career in the Coupe de France. Injuries and difficulties at the end of the winter will defeat the ambitions of Peter Zeidler whose team finished in tenth place.

José Manuel Aira
Coach in 2018

The first Spanish coach in the history of Sochaux has to deal with a group renewed in large widths. The mayonnaise seems to take after two initial defeats, but the bad momentum from September (with only one success in nine league games) is fatal.