FCSM and the French national team

Joël Bats, the most capped 
Before Fabien Barthez acted as national goalkeeper it was Joël Bats who was the most capped goalkeeper of France. Product of the FCSM Youth Academy, Bats gained 50 caps for the national team of France. Second most capped FCSM player is Étienne Mattler, a goalkeeper in the early Thirties who gained 46 caps. Jean-Jacques Marcel completes the top three with 44 selections.

Maryan Wisnieski, the best goalscorer
Although he wasn't an international during his time at Sochaux, Wisnieski scored twelve goals for "les Bleus" one more than Yannick Stopyra. Roger Courtois hitted 10 goals in 22 caps, all in his period at FCSM.

From Maschinot till Martin
Born in 1903 André Maschinot is the eldest former Sochaux-player to wear the shirt of France. Above all, he participated in the first three World Cups. Marvin Martin is the last in a row of 61 players who have played for the French national team. On his debute he came in as a substitute in the 76th minute and scored twice against Ukraine on June 6, 2011.

Some records... 
The youngest player to be capped for the French side was Maryan Wisnieski at 18 years old. He played for RC Lens at this moment and joined FCSM 11 years later. Besides, FC Sochaux-Montbéliard did educate Julien Stopyra and his son Yannick, who both have been capped for France. The brothers Jean and Lucien Laurent played for France and Sochaux. Lucien was the first goalscorer in the history of the World Cup, in 1930.

...and special facts
In the pre-war period, the famous team of Sochaux contracted a lot of foreign football players with French origines, like Cazenave et Duhart, from Uruguay that have worn the French blue shirt though beside not being French citizens. Miguel Lauri became Michel Lauri and played for France without a French passport! Max Lehmann, born in Switzerland, naturalised and thus being able to play twice for France before heading back to Switzerland when the Second World War started.

The Sochaliens who played for France, from Anziani till Zimako
In alphabetical order the list of players who played both for FC Sochaux-Montbéliard and for France. In bold those who played for France while they were under contract at FCSM.