More than 40 years of Youth Training Center

FCSM have always been known for their big tradition when it comes to educating young talented players. Since the early Thirties of last century the club has tried to give their youth the values in which FCSM believe, and a clear intention of how to play the beautiful game.

Ever since the foundation of FC Sochaux-Montbéliard in 1928, the club knew a football school. Although the squad often included a lot of big names, there were also players who were formed at this football school. Since 1949, there is a special department, called " Lionceaux", Young Lions, boys who were recruited from all over France. These youth players work in the Peugeot factory and learnt at the same time the art of playing football. In the decades after 1950, more than two third of the team had been raised by the club itself.

The Youth Academy opened its doors in 1974. FCSM is the first club to develop the idea using two main targets: to prepare the young football player for his future career as professional footballer, and at the same time to guarantee him the needed education which will help him in his life after football. This is still the current philosophy of the club. In 1980 the majority of the team that ended as runners-up in the French League was formed at the own Youth Academy. So the fruits of all the hard work repaid the investments easily.

Since ten years, the "Centre de formation aux métiers du football Roland Peugeot", has been installed in Bannot Castle at Seloncourt, an ancient property of the Peugeot family. The domain of eleven hectares is fully equipped in order to give the young sportsmen the best standards of conditions to improve their skills. Thanks to the financial help of the local community the club keeps on setting the standard with the highly praised Youth Academy.

Players formed at the FCSM Youth Academy who played for the French national team : 
Bernard Genghini, Joël Bats, Yannick Stopyra, Philippe, Anziani, Stéphane Paille, Gilles Rousset, Franck Sauzée, Franck Silvestre, Mickaël Madar, Camel Meriem, Benoît Pedretti, Jérémy Ménez, Marvin Martin.

Players formed at the FCSM Youth Academy who played for the French national team U-21 : Jean-Luc Ruty, Moussa Bezaz, Jacky Bonnevay, Thierry Fernier, Laurent Croci, Eric Lada, Philippe Lucas, Jean-Christophe Thomas, Stéphane Ferrand, Bertrand Piton, David Robert, Lionel Prat, Nicolas Weber, Olivier Baudry, Stéphane Cassard, Bernard Maraval, Nicolas De La Quintinie, Pierre-Alain Frau, Mickaël Ravaux, Sylvain Monsoreau, Jérémy Mathieu, Jérémy Menez, Maxime Josse, Jean Calvé, Julien Quercia, Alexandre Martinovic, Marvin Martin, Geoffrey Tulasne, Vincent Nogueira, Matthieu Dreyer, Édouard Butin, Loïc Poujol, Frédéric Duplus, Sloan Privat and Mathieu Peybernes.

Players formed at the FCSM Youth Academy who played for their (foreign) national team : Omar Daf, Danijel Ljuboja, El Hadji Diouf, Guirane N'Daw, Badara Sène, Mevlut Erding, Ryad Boudebouz, Liassine Cadamuro, Cédric Bakambu, Sanjin Prcić, Sloan Privat, Marco Ilaimaharitra, Jérôme Onguéné and Jeando Fuchs.